Unground Tungsten Rod

Unground Tungsten Rod Picture

Unground tungsten rod,surface is not smooth, that is, just burning out without machining cylindrical pure tungsten rods.Unground tungsten rod only sintering or forging forming, its theoretical density can reach 19.2 grams/cubic centimeter, in the actual industrial production product density are generally larger than 19 grams/cubic centimeter. Covered in unground tungsten rod surface is the main trace metals or oxides, with a special chemical reagent after cleaning the surface, in black metal appearance. Unground tungsten rod performance quality is not as polished tungsten rods, but the price is pretty cheap beauty, and by the specific users, can be used for producing tungsten plate, tungsten electrodes or with reuse.

Tungsten bar called the tungsten alloy rod. Tungsten alloy rod (WMoNiFe) and Anviloy 1150 is composed of metal powder in certain high temperature refining, the use of high temperature powder metallurgy technology special. This tungsten alloy rod material of low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal conductivity and good material characteristics. At high temperatures, the tungsten alloy rod as a high melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient of material. Tungsten alloy elements added to improve workability, toughness and welding. The properties of materials is based on manufacturing tungsten alloy rod eliminate associated with other tool materials heat treatment problem.