Cleaned Tungsten Rod

Cleaned Tungsten Rod Picture

Cleaned tungsten rod,is as the name suggests the use of chemical properties of tungsten rod surface cleaning.With sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate or sodium phosphate made the High strength alkali solution,to soften, loose, emulsification and disperse sediment. Alkaline cleaning of tungsten rod to selectively dissolved uneven surface , in order to eliminate the surface trace after impregnation. Electricity is not required in the process of alkali wash, but the drawback is into the alkali wash tungsten surface is not smooth, concave convex obviously, and dark in color, easy oxidation, the effect of short retention time. Advantage into after machining, tungsten rods with complex shape surface can be cleaned.

Tungsten is belongs to the field of non-ferrous metal, and is also an important strategic metals, tungsten is called "heavy stone". Tungsten content in the crust is 0.001%. Tungsten minerals have been found there are 20 species.