Tungsten alloy rod

Pure Tungsten Rod Picture

Tungsten alloy rod is one of the main products of tungsten alloy, because it has a higher density range (from 16.5g/m3 to 18.5g/m3), high density than the lead 50%. Tungsten alloy rod has good mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength, good ductility etc.. The main consideration of the effects of material ratio and process on the properties of tungsten alloy rod in design. Tungsten alloy rod is not easy to chipping and breakage, and has a good scalability. In addition, the tungsten alloy rod with high melting point, so in the high temperature, other metal began to melt, and it keeps its original characteristics. In addition the tungsten alloy rod also has corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, good weldability and good.

Tungsten alloy rods have many particular properties, such as:
Small volume but high density (typically 16.5 g / cm 3~18.75 g / cm 3), high melting point, high hardness, excellent wear resistance, high tensile strength, good ductility, low vapor pressure, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, easy processing, corrosion resistance, good anti seismic property, high radiation absorptive capacity, excellent impact resistance and crack resistance, and non-toxic environmental protection,Is in line with the international standards for environmental protection.