Ground Tungsten Rod

Ground Tungsten Rod Picture

Ground tungsten rod is have the aid of sticky abrasives special polishing wheel rotation, to make the cutting surface of the tungsten rod.Polishing can remove burrs, tungsten rod surface rust, scratches, overlap, weld seam, sand hole, oxide skin and all kinds of macro defects, in order to improve the tungsten rod smoothness and electroplating quality . According to the state of the surface of polished tungsten rod and the quality requirements of high and low for a polished and several times (abrasive particle size gradually reduced) polishing, polished surface roughness Ra value can reach 0.4 m, the oil mill better.

Mined tungsten mine in the world, about 50% for high-quality steel smelting, approximately 35% for the production of rigid steel, about 10 percent for manufacturing tungsten wire, about 5% of other used for other purposes. Tungsten can manufacture firearms, rocket nozzles, armor-piercing, metal cutting blades, drill bits, hard molds, dies, etc., tungsten wide range of uses, involving mining, metallurgy, machinery, construction, transportation, electronics, chemical, light industry, textile, military, aerospace, technology and various industrial fields.

Tungsten rod pumping into the wire, to do the electric light bulb, the filament inside the electronic tube etc..