Tungsten Guide Rod

Tungsten Guide Rod Picture

Tungsten guide rod can be used with the original factory recoil spring or ISMI "flat wound" recoil spring. If you intend to use a Wolff "round wound" recoil spring, you must install the special washer (included) behind the screw tip. Tungsten guide rods provide a decisive advantage by providing more weight at the front of the gun. At least a full ounce! This extra weight will help reduce muzzle rise allowing quicker follow up shots. Special features include a rigid Tungsten body that improves lock up by completely removing "guide rod flex". The hex screw removable tip allows the user to choose various spring weights that will calibrate the ammunition to his gun.

Tungsten guide rod from Chinatungsten We strive to produce the highest quality guide rods available on the market today, along with excellent customer service to match. Each guide rod is machined, ground, and polished to a beautiful finish and a precision fit. Our guide rods are made from the highest quality 304 stainless tungsten and machined to exacting factory specifications. Our rods will work with both factory and after market recoil springs. Stainless guide rods are solid and will not bend or distort like a factory plastic guide rod.